Annual meeting


The Florence network is one of Europe’s oldest nursing and midwifery networks and is to date still an active and welcoming network which is reflected in a membership of 51 partner institutions of higher education.

Academic staff, managers and students meet each other at the what we call Florence Network Annual Meeting, in short, the FNAM. This annual gathering of partners is organized each year by one of the member institutions. The FNAM is aimed at, among others, establishing, maintaining and enhancing the depth and levels of cooperation in partnerships. During each yearly gathering a theme is chosen to discuss also on content level, which benefits the sharing of ideas that will facilitate the process of learning from each other.

The hosting of the FNAM should be discussed and announced at the General Assembly at least one year prior to the coming FNAM. It is also possible for more than one institution to co-host a Florence Network Annual Meeting.

In close cooperation with the permanent board and the student board, the host institution(s) are responsible for the agenda, organisation, administration, program, and minutes of the FNAM.


The annual meetings deal with the present challenges and needs of students, academic staff, researchers and managers.

Examples of previous themes are:

  • Nursing and Midwifery education: a new era after the pandemic (2022). This FNAM was virtually organised in İzmir, Turkey.
  • Global Human Security (2021). This Florence Network Annual Meeting was the first virtual meeting in the history of the network. SARS-CoV-2 challenged us to organise this digitally and we successfully succeeded!
  • In 2019 the theme was “Future Forward: The Future of Nursing & Midwifery in a Changing Health Arena”.
  • In 2018 it was “Cha Cha Cha in care – Changes, Challenges, Chances!”
  • And a last example from 2017 where the topic focused on Mental Health: Global Challenge – Local Actions.

FNAM 2024

On behalf of the department of Nursing of the University of Thessaly, Greece, it is a great pleasure for us to invite you to attend the 31ste Florence Network Annual Meeting 2024. It will be organised in Larisa, Greece, from 22nd of April until 26th of April 2024.

The theme for FNAM 2024 is “Strengthening resilience through educational and digital innovations”.


Please find all needed info on FNAM 2024 – 31st Florence Network Annual Meeting (

Registration link: to be found on the FNAM 2024 website

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